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Easy Franchise is your go-to platform for all things franchising.

Whatever pain point you have involving the franchising process; whether you’re a franchise business representative, a business owner, a potential franchise investor, or a curious business-minded person; we have a solution that will make your franchising journey easier!

Easy Franchise Services

Franchise Applications

Skip the traditional franchising process and do everything online. Learn everything you need to know about the franchise and apply for it from the comfort of your own home.

Franchise Management

Own a franchise from anywhere in the world while a professional handles everything–from paperwork and setup to daily operations.

Franchise Development

Turn your business into the next big franchise concept by undergoing the franchise development process.

Franchise Onboarding

List your brand on the Easy Franchise platform and introduce your franchise to thousands of potential franchisees worldwide.

Franchise Fiesta Online

Learn about the latest franchising trends from the most qualified industry speakers and experienced franchise brands through a free monthly franchising webinar.

Easy Franchise Funding

Created to solve the common problem of excited potential franchisees not having enough funding to start their own franchise business.

Investment Starter

A business model that anyone can step into - even new investors! You can start your own business with risk reduction and a lot of growth opportunities.